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CCA 20x20 Project

CCA 20x20 Project

The girls recently entered their project ‘20x20@CCA -women in sport' into the PeXpo this year, in the Power of Sport category. The girls were successful in winning their category for the second year in a row.

For their project, they worked to promote women in sport as role models and prove that they have the skill needed to improve the participation, the publicity and the support for girls in CCA.

The girls worked hard to promote women in sport as they ran a women’s week, holding quizzes, a teachers V students match and of course Ladies Day. On ladies day, the school went ‘Pink’ and we had guest speakers from Lucy Mulhall and Sene Napaou. They raised money for the 20x20 campaign and also women’s aid and also enough to get a new set of girls basketball jerseys!

The girls have worked so hard on this project and Mr. Duffy and Ms Miley are very proud of them.

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