House Exams & Reports

6th year students have a “mock examination” after Christmas in the year of their Leaving Certificate. These mock examinations are organised on the same basis as the Public Examinations in June and will be considered an important part of the students’ preparation for these Public Examinations.

Further information regarding the Public Examinations during and at the end of the Senior Cycle may be got from the Department of Education and Science and the State Examinations Commission websites.

4th and 5th year students have formal house examinations at the end of the summer term.

All students have class based examinations at Christmas.

Each student receives a minimum of 3 reports per year. 6th years receive 4 reports and these will be issued in November, Christmas, February (mocks) and Easter.

These reports are an important part of the communication between school and parents. They give an indication of student performance, effort, behaviour, attendance and punctuality. Parents will find it useful to keep these reports as a record of improvement or otherwise during the course of their children’s school careers.

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