3rd May 2013


We wish the very best of luck to the 90 students from Coláiste Chraobh Abhann, whose science projects have been accepted into SciFest 2013!  The event takes place in the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, on Wednesday 8th May. The projects were completed by students both individually, and in groups of two or three, and students entered are from First to Fifth year.  The topics – SciFest encourages students to work on practical applications of science - range from investigating hiccups, understanding density, the science of yawning, lava lamps and ‘fruity electricity’ to name just a few! The CCA Science department are delighted that the students are getting a chance to investigate and practice the craft of a scientist, and what it is like to make scientific discoveries! 


We were very excited to hear the news from Ms O’Gara, one of our science teachers, who spent time recently as a delegate at “Science on Stage Europe 2013”, a forum to share best teaching practice among science colleagues from all over Europe and Canada.  Ms O’Gara travelled to the event with four other Irish science teachers. Teachers were chosen to exhibit projects on inquiry-based learning. While there, Ms O’Gara and her Irish colleagues collected many useful teaching and learning ideas from other delegates. Over the next number of weeks she will be writing them up and making videos to share all of the ideas with other Irish teachers. Check out scienceonstage.ie to see the progress of these ideas. 


Our thirty students and three teachers who took part in the 2013 leg of our Comenius partnership exchange with Sweden, arrived back from their visit to Helsingborg earlier this week.  The trip was a huge success, and very much enjoyed by all.  The partnership is based around music, and many of the students are members of the school choir, who performed some beautiful songs for their Swedish partners.  All students travelling also took part in a course of Swedish language and cultural study, and got to use their newly learnt Swedish during the visit!  The trip lasted six days, and included a variety of school-based, musical and cultural activities.  Two teachers from our Maths and Science departments also travelled with the students, to share ideas with their Swedish colleagues on maths and science-related classroom learning experiences.  


Well done to the many Third and Sixth year students who completed practical exams recently.  LCVP, Art, Engineering and Metalwork were some of the exams completed at CCA last week.  Many thanks to the teachers of these and other practical subjects who have spent so much time helping their students prepare for these important exams. 


A great afternoon was had last week by Coláiste Chraobh Abhann’s girls basketball players, who were involved in a blitz with players from First to Fourth years. Three teams played against each other in a mini tournament. All girls played outstandingly – the award for Most Valuable Player went to Yvonne Kavanagh from First year, Kelly Prendergast from Fourth year and Alannah Bellamy, also from Fourth year. The girls have been training every Wednesday since September and it was a great occasion to finish up on! The girls were all presented with medals and I have photographs of each team that I could forward onto you as well.  Martin Molitor, our French assistant, also organised a student-teacher basketball match – won by the teachers!  The students were presented with medals at the end. 


Well done to all the First year boys who took part in Mr Rice’s boys indoor soccer tournament last week.  All players did really well.  The winning team was ‘Boca Juniors’: Sean Gregory, Max Kelly-Mahon, Sean McHugh, Luke Flood and Eric Dalby.  Most Valuable Player of the tournament was Sean McHugh.  Thanks to Mr Rice for organising this great afternoon of sport. 


Well done to the following students who recently attended an athletics meeting at Irishtown stadium with Ms Connolly: Daniel Grehan, Brian Murray, Aaron O Brien, Kynon Martin, Eoghan Marah, JJ Nickels, Cian Cullen, Sam Hickey, Tristin Grant, Eric Dalby, Ronan O’Kelly, Aisling McCabe and Isobel O Grady. 


We are all looking forward to our annual prize day, on Friday 17th May.  This day is always a highlight of our school calendar, and this year will be no different.  On this day, senior and junior students are recognised for their contributions to the school and our community in a wide variety of prizes, including academic, sporting, leadership, entrepreneurship, civic, cultural, musical and artistic categories.  We are always delighted to welcome members of our board of management and local community to what is an important reminder of the commitment and talents of our students at Coláiste Chraobh Abhann.  Preparations for the day are now well underway.

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