29th April 2016


Rehearsals are in full swing for this year’s production of 'Sive'.  This Year the CCA players will take you back to a time when love was bought and sold.  'Sive' tells the story of a beautiful girl and her wicked step aunt - Mena, who is trying to force her niece into marriage.  Will Mena get her wish or will justice prevail?  Performances run from the May 10th to 12th at the Castle Inn Theatre in Newcastle.  Tickets are five Euro and are available from the school. 


Best of luck to our Leaving and Junior Certificate students who are doing their practical exams at the moment in many subjects including art, music, home economics and more.  We wish them the best of luck, and say a special thank you to their teachers who have guided them through these exams with so much help and support.   


Well done to everyone who took part in Sports Day.   Thankfully the rain held off to allow us to enjoy a fun-filled day of sport and other activities.  This day is one of the highlights of the school calendar.  There were a huge variety of events and activities taking place for students, from the long puc, the three legged race, tag rugby, high jump, penalty kick and a basketball shoot-out to soccer sixes and athletics and a very hotly-contested 100m, 400m and 1500m race.  The whole school community really enjoyed the chance to spend the day together as a group.  Many thanks to the PE Department and all the teachers, staff and parents who helped out on the day.


As part of the Health Promotion Programme in the school, the HPS team are currently highlighting to both staff and students the importance of wellbeing in the school.  Each week, a positive quote is sent to all tutor groups followed by a short breathing exercise that focusses on a particular aspect of wellbeing.  The PE hall is open every Wednesday morning at 8.40am and on Thursday mornings the Meditation Room will be open for 6th years at 8.45am.  The PE Hall is open every lunchtime and all activities are open for staff and students. 


Parents in the school have recently begun a community based Alcohol and Drug programme, which will run for 6 weeks.   During these sessions, parents will get new information, learn new skills, use practical solutions, talk to other parents and Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD) tutors and acquire skills to teach children to make healthy choices.

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