School Plan

What is the School Plan?

The school plan is a statement of the school’s:

  • Educational values
  • Policies
  • Priorities for development
  • Strategies for improvement

What is the purpose of the School Plan?

The school plan is a working document (or more usually, a series of documents) in two sections. The school plan should contain:

  1. A permanent section, including the mission statement and school policies which guide the way things are done in the school and
  2. A development section which outlines the school’s strategy for improvement.

The documents have value only insofar as they help the school to operate effectively in accordance with its characteristic spirit (the values and aims of the school), meet its responsibilities under law, and meet the learning needs of its students.

Planning is not an exercise undertaken to produce documents for their own sake; the documents must reflect the real life of the school, positively influence its development and focus on improving learning outcomes for students.

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School Planning Process 2016-2020

The school is currently conducting surveys of staff (Term 1 - 2016), students and parents (Term 2 - 2106) with the purpose of updating the School Plan as part of its strategy for continual improvement.

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