Junior Cycle Programme

During the first three years all students are prepared for the Junior Certificate examination.

The subjects offered are:

Irish, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Religion, PE, CSPE, SPHE, Business Studies, French, Spanish, Science, Home Economics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Art, Music, Technical Graphics

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After the Junior Certificate, students may proceed to: 

  • A Transition Year Programme followed by a two-year Leaving Certificate Programme or Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme; 


  • A two-year Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme or Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

Religious Education

The school is a multi-denominational school. Facilities may be made available for denominational religious education for all students in accordance with the wishes of their parents. In practice, the students are predominantly Roman Catholic, but a number of children of other religious persuasions are enrolled and find that the atmosphere of the school is conducive to the development of their religious beliefs.

There is a full programme of religious instruction which most children are expected to attend.

Physical Education

Provision is made for all students to have a Physical Education class once a week. This is a compulsory part of the curriculum unless, for health reasons, it is considered necessary that an individual student be excused. In such cases a written request from parents should be submitted to the appropriate Year Head.

Extra Curricular Activities

It is important that every student should take part in some form of activity outside of study. An extensive programme of such activities takes place throughout the year - games and sporting activities, music, debating, choir, computer club, etc.

Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE)

For details of the modules covered in SPHE for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year, please click here

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