New iPad Launch by Apple 2016

Dear Parent

Apple announced a new iPad on Monday 21st March.  In this announcement the iPad Air was discontinued and the iPad Air 2 (16GB) became the entry level device.

The iPad Air 2 (16GB) is priced @ €449, but is available to students, through Wriggle, at an education discounted price of €429.

  1. iPad Air 2 16GB €429
  2. iPad Air 2 64GB €519

The iPad Air 2 comes with new features compared to the original iPad Air with the main ones listed below:

Touch ID

Touch ID this will increase the security of the device and hopefully minimise the number of students who forget their passcode. Once this feature is setup on the iPad, the students will be able to unlock the iPad simply by using their finger print.

Speed & Performance

Compared to the A7 chip in the iPad Air, the iPad Air 2 boasts an A8X chip which delivers 40 percent faster CPU performance. This will increase the response rate of the iPad for switching apps, swiping, zooming, scrolling etc.

School management is very conscious of the higher cost implications for parents of the new iPad model launched by Apple.  Wriggle recommends the purchase of the iPad Air 2 64GB at €519 for storage reasons and hope that parents see the purhase of the higher specification model as a 5/6 year investment in their child's education.

Please note that the iPad Air 2 16GB will suffice for students.  However, students will need to use cloud storage for larger data items such as videos, images, etc.

Further information on the iPad Air 2 at


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