Locker Rental Scheme Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the scheme:

  1. The lockers supplied under the scheme will remain at all times the property of the school. They will be subject to inspection at any time by a member of the teaching staff.
  2. Students are advised that the provision of a locker is a privilege. If a locker is damaged or defaced, some or all of the deposit will be retained to cover such damage. Full compensation for damage will be required before readmission to the scheme.
  3. Any damage to a locker must be reported to the office immediately.
  4. Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the Principal. Any student found to be abusing, defacing or damaging a locker will be dismissed from the scheme.
  5. A survey of the condition of lockers will take place annually. Admission o the scheme in the second and subsequent years is subject to the locker being left in good condition in the previous year.
  6. Lockers need to be emptied at the end of each academic year.
  7. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of any items from a locker. Students are advised not to place items of value or money in lockers.
  8. Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their keys. If one key of the pair is lost, a copy of the other should be cut immediately. If both keys are lost, the barrel of the locker will have to be replaced. The cost of this will be incurred by the student.
  9. The deposit will be returned when a student leaves the scheme (usually this means the end of sixth year).

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