FAQs on School Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I logon to VSware?

  1. Click on the logo on the school website homepage to launch VSware in a separate tab on your browser
  2. Enter your Username and Password supplied by the school. Please note that your Username and Password are printed on your previous school reports and were sent to you by text previously

How do I know when the letters, newsletters and reports are ready to view?

  1. An SMS text reminder will be sent to all parents when the reports are completed by teachers
  2. All other relevant documentation will be placed on the school website at Parents/School Reports

Please note that, for effective communication to you, we require a correct and up-to-date mobile number for the student’s main parent/guardian contact 

How do I view my child’s report?

  1. Log in to VSware as described above
  2. Select ‘Term Reports’ from the left hand menu 

How do I print my child’s report?

  1. Log in to VSware
  2. Select ‘Term Reports’ from the left hand menu
  3. Select ‘Actions’ from the top right of this page and press ‘Print’ 

I have no access to a printer to print off the report

You can request a copy of the printed report from your child’s Year Head 

Why are some assessment grades/results entered earlier than others?

  1. There is a deadline set at each reporting period for teachers.
  2. If you access the Term report before this date, you will only see the assessments/results in subjects that have been entered by teachers to this point.
  3. When all assessments/results are entered, you will be notified by text. 

I need a report for a parent who lives at another address

There are two options here:

  1. Print off a copy of the report as outlined above and forward to the parent
  2. The second parent may request access to VSware.  Please email the office at reception@colaisteca.ie to request this facility

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