The Parents’ Association, Principal and Staff

Coláiste Chraobh Abhann

request the pleasure of your company at its

Debutante Reception


 Wednesday 24th August 2016


The arrangements are as follows:

  1. The students meet at the school for a reception at 4.30pm.  The reception will be organised by members of the Parents’ Council.
  2. Parents of students attending the Debs are invited to this reception.
  3. Limos, party buses and other long axle vehicles will not be allowed entry to the school grounds in the interest of health and safety of those attending the reception.
  4. Please note that the tickets may only be collected at the school at 5.20pm on the evening of the reception from a member of the Parents’ Council.
  5. The students leave the school at approximately 5.30pm and travel by bus to the hotel arriving at approximately 7.30pm.
  6. Please note that students should arrange transport home from the school upon return as the bus will not stop along the route.
  7. The contact details of the hotel are provided below:-


Ramada Resort Dundalk

Armagh Road





Tel: +353 (0)42 9320261


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