Role of the Peer Mentor

The list below is not an exhaustive one:

  • Attend the First Year Induction Day in August before the start of the new academic year
  • Familiarise students with classrooms, timetables, lockers, etc.
  • Provide a  ‘friendly face’ and someone to talk to if a student is having a difficulty
  • Assist the students at the end of Tutorial for the first two weeks by directing them to classes and supporting them with the organisation of their lockers
  • Check in with students at morning break informally to see how they are settling in
  • Talk to students once a week in tutorial about extracurricular involvement and listen to any suggestions/concerns they may have
  • Organise a class activity with the tutor for the class each term
  • Assist the Tutor in Tutorial twice a week – help stamp journals, collect absentee notes, etc
  • Inform students of upcoming events – remind students about Parent-Teacher meetings and Information Nights
  • Organise inter-class quizzes, debates and indoor sports leagues
  • Organise hampers with the class for St. Vincent De Paul at Christmas
  • Accompany the students on their bonding trip in the 1st Term

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