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A glance into the future

A glance into the future

This week there were lots of helpers in the library. We started organising the letter S through W, hopefully soon we will be able to help at junior lunch to play games with the junior students. We are also starting to organise the storage room, during this I found some good books.


We learnt about Indian cuisine in food prep this week. So for homework we had to make an Indian dish. I decided to make vindaloo. I thought it was going to be extremely spicy considering I had to use 7 spices in the recipe. Although it was actually really nice and not that spicy, but then again I like spicy. Cooking is a fantastic skill to have, its nice to sit down with family and friends for a meal and talk about the day.


After completing our psychometric testing a few weeks ago we finally got our results back. The psychometric testing is a test everyone in 4th year has to do, it gives you a list of your strengths. Whether it be you scored 80% in the maths section of 50% in the English section it will tell you. It also shows what careers you may be interested later on in life. For example I got a very high interest in chemical technologies. Then it pairs your highest interest areas and your overall match to show you what you’d be best for. Its a great idea, as it starts you thinking about the subjects to take in 5th year.


In Chemistry we did an experiment looking at blood spatter patterns. The experiment was called “If the height the blood drops from affects the pattern gained”. We did this experiment by using meter sticks to drop fake blood from different heights. The blood would then land on a piece of paper. Each time the experiment was done the pattern of the droplets were different, some were perfect circles others had jagged edges. We have been learning about the real applications of chemistry in the world, specifically looking at forensic science. Its interesting to look at how crime scenes are analysed and potential jobs if you have a science background.


Everyone was working on their Relove competition entry’s this week. The Relove Competition is a competition held by the Wicklow County Council. The aim of the competition is to submit an outfit made out of recycled materials. It’s like Junk Kouture just only a smaller scale, the winners get €1000 worth of arts supplies. The fun we had making our outfits and modelling them!


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