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A lesson well learned.


This week was another enjoyable week for everyone in TY. Everyone is enjoying their subject choices, talks and extra curricular opportunities.

On Tuesday, TY students had a one hour talk in the Viewing Gallery with a woman called Liz McEvoy from the Marie Keating Foundation. The talk was to highlight the severity of cancer, and ways to prevent it. It was a very interesting talk and the speaker kept everyone interested and kept our attention. It was an eyeopener and the group I was with spoke openly about it after, it truly is good to talk. Everyone was given a sheet to fill in during the talk, to retain information for next weeks blogs.


Hopefully next week, TY's will be starting one weeks work experience. Everyone is working hard to find a place to go for work experience, but with the pandemic, it's proven harder than previous years. Most people have found somewhere to go for the week by now, but some people will be coming into school for the week. Another alternative for not having work experience is shadowing a teacher in school. A few students will be spending the week with a certain teacher and learning what they do in their day to day job. This idea is fantastic, everyone wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in school.

On Thursday, all TY's were out for the day, but got sent online work. Online work wasn't a problem, as we have enjoyable subjects that we chose and have an interest in. Although many of us enjoy the challenge of working from home, there is nothing better than being with everyone in school. The pandemic has taken a toll on many peoples mental health, so having the routine and friendships in school helps to elevate the worries.

Next week, we will all be starting our Mini Companies in Enterprise! This is always a highlight of the TY year for students, as we get to be creative, and make a profit! For the first week or two, we will decide on what product we are actually going to make, and think of a name for the company. Most years, we would be able to mix with other people in our class, and even in other TY enterprise classes, but this year, as we are in pods, we may have to to the Mini Companies alone. The enterprise teachers are figuring out if it would be feasible. We all hope that we are able to do it in pairs or groups of three within our pods, as it's really fun to be able to work on a product with your friends, but if we have to do them alone it will still be fun.

We can't wait for next week already, and hopefully get out into the world of work!


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