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CCA School News 26 May 2023

CCA School News 26 May 2023

Senior Girls Football

Congratulations to our Senior Girls Football Team who won the Senior A Shield in Laragh GAA against Scoil Chonglais, Baltinglass. Our girls put in a superb performance to come out winners on a scoreline of 10-14 to 4-2.

Team Captain Charlotte Nagle collected the shield on behalf of CCA. Well done to all of our girls on an outstanding win and a truly excellent year!

Head Boy and Head Girl

The position of Head Boy and Head Girl is an extremely important one in Coláiste Chraobh Abhann and is the most senior student role in our school. These students are the leaders of the student community and they are an important link between students and staff. They act as role models for other students. They also perform a variety of functions during the course of the year. This year our head boy and head girl Ryan and Alexandra have performed their duties in an excellent efficient manner. We would like to thank them for their commitment shown during the year and also to acknowledge the support they received from Jack and Abbie, Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

When choosing Head Boy and Girl the key qualities that we look for include the following; proven and potential leadership skills, contribution to the school through service and involvement in different groups, self-management, the ability to connect with and relate to younger students, and the ability to be an excellent role model for the student body and school community.

It gives us great pleasure to announce for 2023-2024 school year our Head Boy and Head Girl in Coláiste Chraobh Abhann is Cayden Elliott and Ella McAulay. Cayden and Ella will be supported in their role by Sean Byrne and Sophie Murray Lacey, Deputy Head Boy and Girl. We look forward to working with the student leaders next year.

Juniors and Senior Prize Day

CCA held their annual Prize Day Awards ceremony for junior and seniors on Thursday and Friday this week. This ceremony is a focal point of the school calendar where academic, sporting and extra-curricular excellence is celebrated and recognised. Staff and students were delighted to share the fantastic days together with the students’ amazing team of tutors and year heads. The Rogha na Bliana was announced on the day with 1st Years Sarah Ward and Noah Flannery, 2nd Years Louis Keville and Yasmin Bishop, 3rd Years Luca Flannery and Sophia Siklody and 5th Years Eva Doyle and Nathan Keane taking the honours. The Sports Person of the Year was won by 1st Year students Enda Leacy and Grace Finnegan, 2nd Years Ben Betson and Emma Surmova, 3rd Years Dillon Hunt and Aoife Tivnan, 4th Years Leon Reynolds and Maeve Butler, 5th Year students Eanna Nolan and Sophie Lacey and 6th Year students Daragh Heffernan and Charlotte Nagle. Awards were also given out to all students who have achieved full attendance this year. Well done to all students who won prizes on the day for the excellent involvement they've had across all aspects of school life over the past year. It was a joyous day of celebration.

Student Sporting Success

We are very proud of 3rd Year student Mason Melia who is currently in Hungary as part of the U17 Irish Football squad competing in the European Championships. Mason has been a key player of the team and scored 2 crucial goals in the last game against Hungary to ensure the team's spot in the Quarter Finals. Well done Mason!

Student Music Success

Our very talented 6th Year student Bobby Dowling released his debut single this week with his band, FUZE. Congratulations to Bobby and his bandmates on this achievement and we wish them every success!


Senior Girls Football - CCA Senior Girls Football Team who recently won the Senior A Shield.

Senior Girls Football 2 - CCA 6th Year students who were involved in the recent Senior A Shield win.

Head Boy and Head Girl - CCA 5th Year Students Ella McAulay and Cayden Elliott (Head Boy and Head Girl), Sean Byrne and Sophie Lacey (Deputy Head Boy and Girl) for 2023/2024.

Prize Day - CCA 3rd Year students who achieved full attendance for the year, pictured with Ms. O'Brien.

Prize Day 2 - CCA 3rd Year Sports Person of the Year winners, Aoife Tivnan and Dillon Hunt presented by Ms. Miley.

Prize Day 3 - CCA students and brothers Noah and Luca Flannery who both won Rogha na Bliana this year.

Prize Day 4 - CCA 2nd Year Rogha na Bliana Yasmin Bishop and Louis Keville, presented by Ms. Smith and Mr. Stack.

Prize Day 5 - CCA 1st Year Rogha na Bliana Noah Flannery and Sarah Ward, presented by Ms. Egan and Mr. Stack

Prize Day 6 - CCA 3rd Year Rogha na Bliana Luca Flannery and Sophia Siklody, presented by Mr. Kenny and Mr. Stack

Prize Day 7 - CCA 1st Year Sports Award winners Enda Leacy, Lara Lawlor and Grace Finnegan.

Prize Day 8 - CCA 5th Year Rogha na Bliana Nathan Keane and Eva Doyle, presented by Ms. Walsh.

Prize Day 9 - CCA 6th Year students who achieved full attendance for the year.

Prize Day 10 - CCA 6th Year Sports Person of the Year winners, Charlotte Nagle and Daragh Heffernan presented by Ms. Miley.

Prize Day 11 - CCA 6th Year Sports Award winners Charlotte Nagle, Daragh Heffernan and Angie Prendergast.

Prize Day 12 - CCA 4th Year Sports Person of the Year winners, Maeve Butler and Leon Reynolds presented by Ms. Miley and Mr. Ryan.

Prize Day 13 - CCA 5th Year Sports Person of the Year winners, Sophie Lacey and Éanna Nolan presented by Ms. Walsh.

Prize Day 14 - CCA 6th Year students who received the top prize in their subject this year.

Prize Day 15 - CCA 4th Year Sports Award winners Oscar Durston, Maeve Butler and Leon Reynolds, presented by Ms. Miley and Mr. Ryan.

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