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CCA School News 5 February 2021


Healthy Eating Week

This week in CCA we celebrated healthy eating week. Every day had a special theme and a Padlet page dedicated to that theme to help both students and staff get ideas for healthy eating. There was also a Healthy Chefs of the week competition which was open to both students and staff.

On Monday, we explored all things breakfast related and provided some wonderful recipe ideas for even the most reluctant breakfast-eaters. Monday’s Padlet included tips for making healthy breakfasts which included vegan options and a video from Ms. Jordan on simple breakfast ideas.

Tuesday was snack attack Tuesday where we focused on healthy snacking, why we need to snack and what snacks are best for students. Tuesday’s Padlet page had resources for making healthy snacks, including snacks for staying focused during study and also snacks for your pets. There was also a live cook-along for the Transition Year students.

Wednesday’s theme was “Keep it Movin”. We focused on the importance of good nutrition while keeping active. Wednesday’s Padlet page focused on the winning combination of healthy diet and regular exercise. There were recipes for pre and post workout meals as well as videos on some gentle exercises.

Thursday’s theme was “Thirsty Thursday” which focused on the importance of being hydrated. Thursday’s Padlet page included information about quenching thirst and keeping hydrated, hydration drinks for athletes, fruit infused water ideas, healthy hydrating foods and a hydration calculator to see if you need to hydrate more. Thursday also saw the first years participating in the second live cook along of the week with Deirdre Doyle from cool food school.

Friday’s theme was “Fruit and Veg Frenzy” and it focused on the importance of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Friday’s Padlet included food swaps to try increase vegetable intake, apps to track your nutrition, benefits of vegetables and lots of healthy vegetable recipes. Katelyn O’Toole, TY student, shared the importance of having Vitamin D in your diet and how to incorporate it into your diet. Ms. Jordan shared another video showing an easy way to get fruit and veg into your diet by making soups or smoothies and trying to add vegetables into rolls, wraps, curries and pizzas. The 6th year students had a talk from Niamh McGettigan, a registered dietician who spoke to the students about the importance of nutrition and easy ways to stay healthy and active during this time. Well done to everyone for their involvement this week!.

January Student of the Month

This week we celebrated our students of the month for January. These students have showed excellent participation since Christmas, particularly with online teaching. They have been enthusiastic, worked hard and engaged with all aspects of remote learning. Well done to all the winners!

Teaching and Learning Club

Teaching and Learning Club for staff has continued during this remote learning period. This week the focus was on using Microsoft Forms for assessment. Thank you to Ms. Purdy for facilitating this week in something that will be very useful for staff during online teaching.

TY News

Portrait Competition

Last week, Transition Year students were asked to let their creativity flow and make a portrait out of items found around the house or garden. There were some wonderful portraits that were created using everything from buttons and keys to charcoal and ice. The portraits can be viewed on our social media channels. Well done to all who took part.

Live cook-along

As part of Healthy Eating week, TYs had an online zoom Cook-Along with Deirdre Doyle from the cool food school. They made savoury wraps with fresh guacamole, scrambled eggs, cheese and spinach, laying them on the wrap in different sections and folding them together to toast in the pan. They also made a dessert wrap with chocolate chips, banana and peanut butter. Overall, they learned how to make healthy wraps to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Evan McGuinness for the report and to Deirdre for facilitating the cook-along.

First Aid

All Transition Year students completed the first part of their First Aid training in conjunction with First Aid Coaching online on Thursday 4th February. All students undertook the five hour course completing a total of twelve modules and an exam covering topics including: CPD, AED, heart conditions, allergies, asthma, seizures, fainting, bleeding, fractures, sprains, dislocations, head injuries and burns. Later in the school year, students will complete the second part of their First Aid training with an on-site practical course. Once students successfully complete the practical course, they will receive a two-year certification and qualification in First Aid.

TY Talk

On Friday, as part of Healthy Eating Week, the Transition Years received a talk from Cormac Byrne of Bluezone Fitness. Cormac is a nutritionist who owns his own fitness company. He spoke about nutrition for adolescents, vitamin D, bone health immunity and savvy snacking for schools for lunches. A big thank you to Cormac for giving up his time and to Ms. Doran for organising.

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