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Last Monday we attended went to "LIFT" with Ms.Doyle, this is an 8 week course that students can attend as one of their chosen modules. LIFT stands for Leading Irelands Future Together, the aim of this is to equip us all with the skills to become leaders in many ways, shapes and forms. In "LIFT" we look at different traits including respect, resilience, honesty and responsibility. Every group has a facilitator who is in charge of saying thank you to each person who talks. There is a script to follow and different paragraphs to read about the topic so we go around in a circle to give everyone an opportunity to read and be heard. After 4 weeks of learning how to do the round table, students are going to work with the second years to share and teach them the skills we have learnt.

This main focus of this week was respect, I think this is one of the most important ones as everybody should respect each other’s opinions and points on different things. I’m looking forward to going into the second year as it allows people to have a voice, that their voice is important and with this course people cannot comment on what others say. They have to be respectful and listen to each other.


Thursday morning was great as we had a Zumba lesson. This was the highlight of my week and it was such good craic. I really enjoyed it, to be honest if I could have spent the entire day Zumba-ing I think things like this bring people closer together and everyone can mix around with different people. Getting to know someone new is part of the main attraction of TY. It was an energetic, fun, entertaining morning where you could see everyone’s enthusiasm.

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This week I also presented two projects. The first project I presented was in Geography. It was about picking a town and looking at the cost of a house and different services, facilities and other qualities of the town. I then picked another town down the country and compared the house pricing and other things in the towns. We had to consider what we could afford based on the jobs we would love to have when we are older.

On Friday, some of us presented our work experience presentation, mine was about working in Tus Nua in Bray, this is a Montessori school I worked in and its where my mam works. I don’t really like presenting but I found this week I wasn’t as nervous and I’m happy I wasn’t because I could actually speak properly without looking at my iPad as well.

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