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Once more unto the breach.

Once more unto the breach.

Last week was everyone’s 5th week back in school already! The time has flown in, as TY is really fun and we’re all getting to try new things. Everyone was off on Monday, and it was nice to get a break, and be ready for the new week ahead.


Tuesday and Thursday were great days for everyone in TY, as half of the year went to Baltinglass Outdoor Education Centre on each day! We arrived at school at 7:15am, and headed off on the 2 hour journey. We arrived at the center at 9am, and after getting put into our groups for the day, we immediately started activities! There were 5 amazing outdoor activities that made for a fun and very tiring day. We did archery, kayaking, ab-sailing, climbing, and orienteering. Majority of students seem to have favorited kayaking, despite the cold! The weather for Tuesday’s trip was cold and damp, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone JCN and AKE. Although still chilly, Thursday’s group experienced better weather.

Everyone said that kayaking was the most enjoyable activity. We got changed into our swimsuit and we got a wet suit, lifejacket and helmet to wear. Some of the Wet suits were drenched and it was so hard to wear it. The man tipped some our boats over and OMG HE WAS HILARIOUS!!! We played Simon says on the kayaks and that man kept splashing us when we messed up. Then we turned the kayaks upside down and made them into slides. We slid down them backwards. After that we jumped off from the rope into the river. Some people were so scared but IT WAS HONESTLY WORTH ITTT!!!!! Then we had to walk through the town to get back to the centre. A great day was had by both students, and teachers!


At the start of the year, a business trip to Estonia was offered to all TY business students! Students had to think of a sustainable and environmentally friendly business product, and make a PowerPoint explaining it. The best 11 were picked, and the selection process began. Only 6 students are going to be able to travel to Estonia, so in order to pick these 6, the 11 students had to present their PowerPoints to the business teachers. This is a great experience for the business students, and something they will never forget.

This year is going to be good; I’ll make it good. Despite everything going on in the world right now and with the restrictions I’ll try my best to push myself to do more this year. My focus this year is to work on my communication skills and talk a lot more. So far, there have only been very positive reports from TY students, and we can’t wait for the rest of the year!


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