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Teaching & Learning Club 2021-2022: Session Three

Teaching & Learning Club 2021-2022: Session Three

The third session of our Teaching & Learning Club took place on Wednesday 10th November. This session focused on improving the efficiency of teacher feedback. Ms. Sharon Nolan began by introducing us to the benefits of OneNote for immediate feedback on individual pieces of student work. Once logged in, teachers can provide feedback by inserting comments and annotations using the stylus or by using the voice recording facility on OneNote. Video, audio and picture files can be all be uploaded to OneNote making it a very interactive and easily accessible platform for students and teachers to communicate about submitted pieces of work. Ms. Nolan also showcased the colour-coding method of feedback, whereby teachers use highlighters to hone in on the crucial aspects of a piece of work. Students can find this visual representation of teacher feedback very beneficial as it does not require reading through lots of written comments. At a glance, students can gauge what parts of their essay might need to be improved upon. Ms. Ruth Lillis went on to take us through her method of encouraging students to use pencil, pen and red marker to complete their class or homework assignments. The pencil is for students to complete parts of the work where they are able to do it independently. The pen is where they complete parts of the task using their subject book or notes. Finally, the red pen is used by students to write in the aspects of the work that they need to correct. All in all, this was a very beneficial session for showcasing alternative methods of formative feedback.

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