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The Road is long.

The Road is long.


On the Monday before midterm all online classes were cancelled. Instead of school we were told all we had to do was to get outside for fresh air and walk/run/cycle 5km. So my sister and I decided to walk to the beach to do our 5km. A day away from the screens is just what was needed!!


On Thursday morning as a part of International Day of Women in Science we had a zoom with two woman who working towards a pHD in science. They explained how they decided a career in science was for them, the gender differences when working in science and what they currently are doing. I really enjoyed listening to them explain what they did in college, how they went to other countries to study/work and how now they are still in college trying to learn more. As someone who enjoys science, i really liked seeing different career paths in science. The main point they had is that its important to spend time thinking about what you want to do after school and focus on choosing something you enjoy.

In P.E I got awarded house points for my participation in class which was great. I am going to continue to keep active even though it’s really hard to get motivated to do anything during this time. In YSI we continued on with our write up and we are almost finished it. We were put into break out rooms to work on this and I worked really hard to get lots of information in my word document. In maths we were given a project to complete and we have to find out whether you can increase your chances of winning the lottery.This is due the week after we come back after midterm on PowerPoint, this is another skill I am focusing on this year.

In business we have to do a project, and I am nervous because it is my first project in this new subject. The project is about a leader, and I chose Amancio Ortega, who is the owner of several important clothes’ brands like Zara, Pull and Bear, H&M, etc.

This week in Enterprise Education we had to finish our project about a business man, talking about what he has done and those things. I did it with my Spanish friend, and we decided to do it about Daniel Ek, who is the founder and owner of Spotify, that is probably the most important free music platform. We chose him cause Spotify is a really important free music platform as I said, and we love it, so we are both registered in this amazing app. Honestly, we didn’t know who was the Spotify’s owner, so we wanted to search about him, and we were really surprised of all what he has done, because he has been a really important person for the world of music, because it is a free platform, so that is fantastic for people who love music, but it is also really good for singers and music producers. I have learned a lot about him, and I think that he deserves everything he has, or evenmore.


This week in French we had to cook “le croque monsieur”, and it was too easy to make, but it was really nice, and I enjoyed a lot making it.

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