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Prefect System

Before Easter each year, the Deputy Principal / Year Head of 5th Year seeks applications from students in Fifth Year for the position as School Prefect for the following academic year. The final selection of students from the marked applications, using a predetermined criteria, will be presented to both staff and students to identify who they feel would suit the leadership position. The final results will be decided from an interview and consultation process involving Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head and other relevant members of the school community.

These students are entrusted with important responsibilities and are given the full support of staff, parents and students in the exercise of the duties assigned to them.

Head Students

These are the most significant student positions in the school and the choice of candidates reflects the high regard that they are held in by members of the school community.

The Head Students represent not just the students, but the whole school community and must be capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and responsibilities from the everyday routine to meeting visiting dignitaries and public speaking at school events. The names of the Head Students will be engraved in a Roll of Honour in the school.

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