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Canteen Facilities:

Get Fresh manage the canteen facility in CCA.‘’ Touch Top Up ‘’ supported cashless system is their cashless solution where each student will simply present their contactless card to pay for any transactions within the canteen. This system will eliminate the students from receiving cash from parents on a daily basis. Instead, parents / students can upload money onto their account where it is stored safely and ready for use to be spent within the school canteen.

Advantages of the Cashless System:

  • Faster service with shorter queues and no delay waiting for change.
  • Easily topped up online from Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s.
  • Convenience of not searching for money at the till.
  • Parental Control of expenditure with online report available showing all items purchased.
  • Eliminates risk of student losing money or having money stolen.
  • Removing cash from student’s pockets reduces the opportunity for bullying.
  • All money is stored securely in students account and not on the card.
  • Lost or stolen cards can be cancelled immediately once reported and the remaining balance transferred onto a new card.
  • From a hygiene perspective moving to cashless is a safe decision
  • Pre order prepay online feature mitigates the need to queue in the canteen

Cost Involved:

Get Fresh Catering will provide students with a card incorporating encrypted RFID technology ensuring secure communication. This card will contain a unique serial number enabling the student and parents set up their personalised online account. The card will remain valid for 6 years from date of registration of the online account. Get Fresh will facilitate the card being topped up at the till in school if necessary. The card will cost €10.00 with this paid by student or parents. If a card is stolen a replacement card will cost €10.00 paid by student or parents. However, the balance of your card will be transferred onto your new card. Each top up made to your card will be charged an administration fee of 50c to offset charges for licencing, hosting, maintenance, 3D transaction security and facilitating 24/7 access to topping up. Parents and students can mitigate the administration charge by topping up less frequently. All money in the Parents / Students accounts remains their money until spent in the canteen. Get Fresh will discount the card cost for families with more than one student in school. Credit Card details will not be stored or accessible by Get Fresh Catering.

Get Fresh Catering will install the sales terminal containing the software to facilitate the card reader and printer for online ordering with no cost to the school.

CCA is exploring the use of the cashless system in an effort to ensure we as a community play our part in keeping Covid-19 out of CCA. The pre ordering of the food will also assist us ensuring a fast and more managed queuing system. Get Fresh cannot operate both a cash and cashless system, we must chose one or the other. In order to help with the decision making we are asking parents for their view.

Please click on the link to the parent survey on the cashless system. The survey will close on Monday 10th at 16:00pm.

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